About Dotty & Flo and The Artist Wendy Carlton

How Dotty and Flo came to be!

I have been extremely lucky to paint and make things for a living for over 30 years now 🙂

I started my career as a textile designer in a London Studio after getting a 1st class hons degree in Textile design. I worked at the studio gaining experience but eventually went on to become a greeting card artist which I did for 16 years. After working on a small scale for so long I decided I wanted to go LARGE so I started painting on 1m sized canvases (for my own house at first) my collection grew and I began exhibiting them.

I now exhibit up and down the country and my paintings are in galleries and private collections all over the UK. I work on a freelance basis for an art agency "Creative Fine Art " who sell to galleries mainly in the South. I have always had a love of Nature and a passion for bold colour this comes across in all my paintings.

Wendy Carlton Artist

But how and why did Dotty and Flo start?

Whilst doing my shows I was sometimes told by people who loved my work that they wished they had the space for a large painting but as they didn’t would love to own something small created by me and reflecting my colourful style.

As I have always loved fabrics and my roots were in Textile design I sought out the best quality fabric printers I could find. I came across one based in London called Contrado. Their custom made fabrics aren't cheap but the quality is fantastic. I started by making cushions almost 3 years ago now, I have tried out several fabrics but have now settled on a Soft Velvet as it feels sooo scrumptious.

The cushions went down very well so I decided to try out other products using my paintings. Over the next year I added Placemats and Coasters, these are made by SmithTaylor a Worcestershire manufacturer who produce custom printed tableware from Artist's images. The quality of their products is very high with a thick Melamine top and a cork bottom, - it is amazing how many I found which didn't have the quality cork bottom!!

The last product I added was my Lampshades which have proved to be the most popular of all and I make all the lampshades and cushions myself in my home studio in Yorkshire. I had been rather apprehensive about making Lampshades but surprisingly I LOVE IT!!

Every time I have a new fabric printed I can't wait to see what it will look like as a Cushion and a Lampshade.

I have always painted using my (maiden) name Wendy Carlton but I wanted to brand my products using a different shop type name.

What better than my 2 studio companions who sit with me all day long whilst I am painting and making - Dotty and Florence (Dotty and Flo) It also related to my work as I use a lot of dots and splatters in my paintings and the flow of the paint across the canvas !!

I think Dotty and Flo suits my products very well - What do you think?

Wendy Carlton Art

The inspiration for Dotty & Flo was my passion for art and my business, Wendy Carlton Art. You can also purchase artwork from my artist website.